Property LawReal EstateUnderstanding Dubai’s laws regarding property ownership by unmarried couples

In Dubai, the laws governing property ownership by unmarried couples can be complex and confusing. While the United Arab Emirates (UAE) recognizes cohabitation and common law marriage, these types of relationships do not have the same legal protections as formal marriages.

Under Dubai’s laws, an unmarried couple does not have the same rights to inherit property as a married couple. In the event of the death of one partner, the surviving partner may not automatically inherit the deceased’s property. Instead, the property will be distributed according to the deceased’s will or, if no will exists, according to the UAE’s inheritance laws.

In order to ensure that their property is protected and will be passed on to their chosen beneficiaries, it is important for unmarried couples in Dubai to have a written agreement in place outlining their property ownership and succession rights. This can be done through a cohabitation agreement or a trust agreement.

It is also important for unmarried couples to be aware of Dubai’s laws regarding the ownership and transfer of property. In general, non-nationals are not allowed to own property in Dubai, with some exceptions. Non-nationals can, however, hold a long-term lease on property in certain designated areas.

Unmarried couples should also be aware that any property purchased in Dubai must be registered with the Dubai Land Department. This includes properties purchased by both national and non-nationals.

Overall, it is essential for unmarried couples in Dubai to seek legal guidance in order to fully understand their rights and responsibilities when it comes to property ownership. By working with a skilled property lawyer, couples can ensure that their property is protected and their interests are represented in any legal matters.

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