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Mr. Mohamed Shokr Online Session
Mr. Mohamed Shokr Online Session
Telephonic Consultation Are you disturbed about the legal issues hitting you and you want to talk to a qualified attorney
Video Consultation You want to meet our lawyer through our unique state of art virtual facility where you can discuss
Mail Consultation You are in an urgent need to reach to a lawyer, but your Geographical location or otherwise
Statement of claim This means a document in which the applicant states his intention to seek a court order
Request for legal notice Legal notice is a way of notifying individuals or organizations about a matter
Appeal Memorandum Appeal and Supreme Court cases require the memorandum to be written by the expert attorneys
Legal Notice / Reply Notice Legal notice may be required to be sent with multiple purposes, often with the demand for payment
Request for the financial obligation settlement Are you worried about your debt & want to settle the debt slowly?
Request to open insolvency proceedings Are you facing financial difficulties for repaying the debt & worried about bankrupt?
Request for court order (ANY) A direction issued by a court or a judge requiring a person to do or not do something.
Defense Memorandum Are you an Accused or defendant in a case and your cannot bear a lawyer to represent you in the court?
Power of Attorney from Abroad or for Abroad if you want to make power of Attorney while being out of UAE, we can provide you the same
Power of Attorney Our drafting team shall help you to draft the POA as per requirement, provide the details of principal and Attorney
Will UAE has brought the law to faciliate the registration of the will through the Dubai Courts, federal courts or through the DIFC Will Regsitry. Out wealth protection team can assiste you with drafting of will.